Zero City Mod Apk 1.52.2 (Unlimited Cryptocoins, Mod Menu)

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Dive into post-apocalyptic survival! Build, battle mutants & explore. Download Zero City Mod Apk now for unique base management & strategic combat.






120 MB




4.4 and up


Unlimited Cryptocoins

  • Mod Menu
  • Immortalality Mode
  • One Punch Hit
  • Attack Ranage Maximum
  • Speed Maximum
  • No Ads

In the domain of mobile gaming, Zero City Mod Apk emerges as a captivating and engrossing option for players in search of a post-apocalyptic escapade. This game presents a unique fusion of strategic administration, base construction, and survival components, positioning it as a premier selection for gamers who relish both resource allocation and exhilarating combat situations.

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Download Zero City Mod Apk

Immerse yourself in a world where the remnants of humanity struggle for survival against hordes of mutants and other threats. Similar to popular titles like “Fallout Shelter” and “State of Survival,” Zero City Mod Apk offers a thrilling mix of base management and strategic combat. Construct and upgrade your shelter, gather resources, and assemble a team of survivors to fend off relentless attacks. Download Zero City Mod Apk to dive into this post-apocalyptic journey and craft your path to victory.

Unlimited Cryptocoins

Unleash your resource management prowess with the exceptional Zero City Mod Apk feature unlimited cryptocoins. Seamlessly navigate through the post-apocalyptic landscape, utilizing these cryptocoins to bolster your base, strengthen your survivor team, and fortify your defenses. In this dynamic gameplay experience, strategic decisions intertwine with tactical combat, as you allocate your cryptocoins wisely to outlast mutant adversaries. Embrace the power of endless cryptocoins and master the art of survival in this gripping mobile adventure.

Unlimited Money

Experience unparalleled possibilities with the Zero City Mod Apk feature of unlimited money. Immerse yourself in a world of post-apocalyptic strategy where resources flow endlessly, enabling you to construct an impregnable base, recruit skilled survivors, and engage in tactical battles against menacing foes. Make strategic choices and allocate your boundless wealth intelligently to thrive in this challenging landscape. With the advantage of limitless funds, conquer the wasteland and lead your survivors to triumph in this captivating mobile gaming adventure.

Free Shopping

Embark on an unprecedented gaming spree with the Zero City Mod Apk offering of free shopping. Seamlessly navigate through the post-apocalyptic landscape, utilizing this feature to acquire essential resources, gear up your survivors, and enhance your base’s capabilities. With the liberty to shop without constraints, strategically gather supplies, strengthen your arsenal, and fortify your shelter to withstand even the most formidable challenges. Dive into this thrilling adventure, where free shopping becomes a game-changing advantage in your quest for survival.

Zero City Mod Menu

Elevate your gaming experience with the innovative Zero City Mod Menu, a doorway to unparalleled possibilities. Seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, this feature grants you dynamic control over various aspects of the game, from resource management to combat strategies. With the mod menu at your fingertips, navigate through challenges with finesse, tailor your approach, and unravel the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world in a way that suits your unique style. Immerse yourself in this engaging adventure and harness the full potential of the mod menu to conquer the wastelands.

Apk Features

Uncover the myriad facets of this game’s offerings through a deep dive into its distinctive Apk features.

Base Building Beyond Basics

In Zero City Apk, base building isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect of your survival strategy. Construct and upgrade rooms, manage resources efficiently, and ensure your shelter remains impregnable. The intricate base-building mechanics rival those of similar games, offering an engrossing challenge.

Survivor Diversity Unleashed

Each survivor possesses a unique blend of traits, strengths, and vulnerabilities, adding depth to your team composition. Unearth their individual stories and harness their specialized skills to formulate your winning strategy.

Strategic Combat Evolution

Navigate through battles employing an innovative combat system, ingeniously positioning survivors and exploiting enemy weak spots. Unleash their distinct abilities with precision to seize triumph amidst the turmoil of mutant clashes and threats.

Resource Expeditions Beyond Bounds

Forge into the desolation on resource-gathering ventures, a pivotal dimension of Zero City Apk. Traverse the wasteland, amassing vital resources, then return triumphant, fortifying your sanctuary with essential supplies retrieved from the perilous wilds.

Narrative Quests Unveiled

Embark on an immersive odyssey, uncovering the enigma shrouding the apocalypse. Traverse captivating quests, becoming intertwined in a story-driven gameplay that binds your emotions to the enthralling world and its charismatic protagonists.

Unity and PvP

Foster bonds with fellow players, coalescing strengths via alliances, sharing resources, and synergizing for monumental trials. Embrace the challenge of PvP battles, pitting your ingenious strategies against live adversaries for the ultimate proving ground.

Visions of Apocalypse Rendered

Witness the rebirth of the post-apocalyptic realm through dynamic graphics and mesmerizing artwork. Traverse eerie wastelands and intricate bases, the visuals ensnaring you within an enchanting world teetering between ruin and resurgence.


Zero City Mod Apk offers a captivating fusion of base building, resource management, and tactical combat in a post-apocalyptic setting. With features that range from unique survivor traits to immersive storytelling, the game keeps players engaged in an ever-evolving struggle for survival. As you forge alliances, scavenge resources, and strategize against enemies, this game promises hours of immersive entertainment that seamlessly blends complexity with action.

What’s New

  • Introducing the Botany Research Marathon, a brand-new event coming soon.
  • Numerous in-game bugs have been fixed to improve your experience.

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