Royal Match Mod Apk 22168 (Unlimited Money, Stars, Boosters)

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Dive into a regal realm of match-3 mastery with Royal Match Mod Apk! Play offline, solve puzzles, and decorate the castle with King Robert.


Dream Games, Ltd.




195 MB




5.1 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited Stars and Lives
  • Mod Menu
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Boosters

Get enchanted by the world of Royal Match Mod Apk, where the artistry of color-swapping challenges meets the grandeur of regal puzzles. As the unrivaled sovereign of puzzle games, this app invites you to partake in the royal journey alongside King Robert, weaving your way through a tapestry of match-3 puzzles. Each deft swipe not only unlocks the secrets of the castle but also propels you into an adventure brimming with distinctive features and heart-pounding competitions.

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Download Royal Match Mod Apk

Begin your adventure in the Royal Match Mod Apk, where you’ll encounter a multitude of challenging match-3 levels within the grand Royal Arena. Work through puzzles, unveil new areas, and embellish King Robert’s castle while engaging in exciting events like King’s Cup, Sky Race, Team Battle, and Lightning Rush. Reap rewards, compete against millions of players, and enjoy the captivating saga even without an internet connection. Join the royal fun now!

Unlimited Money

Experience the royal indulgence with the “Royal Match Mod Apk Unlimited Money” feature, unlocking a treasure trove of limitless resources for an enhanced gaming escapade. Delve into the match-3 puzzles with a financial edge, where every move is backed by an abundance of coins, creating a strategic advantage in crafting your regal kingdom. The mod’s unlimited money feature propels your progress, offering a seamless journey through bonus levels and event competitions, ensuring a majestic gaming experience tailored to your royal aspirations. Reign supreme as you navigate through challenges, adorned with the opulence of endless treasures, all at your fingertips.

Apk Features

Innovative Match-3 Dynamics

Royal Match Apk introduces a revolutionary twist to the match-3 genre, captivating both veterans and newcomers. The dynamic levels promise an unparalleled adventure, turning every swipe into a strategic journey through captivating puzzles that redefine mastery.

Strategic Boosters for Precision

Experience match-3 like never before with Royal Match’s strategic boosters that elevate gameplay to new dimensions. Precision becomes paramount as you strategically deploy powerful blasts through challenging levels, offering a profound sense of accomplishment and adding layers of strategy to your puzzle-solving endeavors.

Treasure-Filled Bonus Expeditions

Embark on thrilling treasure hunts in bonus levels, discovering a wealth of coins and unique treasures. Beyond propelling your progress, these challenges enrich your gaming experience, providing valuable resources and adding an extra layer of excitement to an already rewarding puzzle-solving journey.

Dynamic Obstacles for Skillful Maneuvers

Navigate through a diverse landscape of obstacles, from fluttering birds to sturdy boxes and magical hats. Each level introduces unpredictability, demanding skillful maneuvers and strategic thinking to overcome hurdles. Royal Match Apk ensures a dynamic and engaging puzzle-solving experience with ever-evolving challenges.

Personalized Exploration and Decoration

Unveil the hidden wonders of King Robert’s castle, exploring regal chambers to enchanting gardens. Personalize and visually enhance these spaces, infusing a creative touch into the kingdom. The game seamlessly blends exploration and decoration, providing players with a captivating environment to shape and elevate their overall gaming experience.

Diverse Obstacles

Navigate through a diverse array of obstacles such as birds, boxes, potions, and magic hats, injecting an exciting unpredictability into each level. Overcoming these challenges demands a combination of skill and strategic thinking, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay.


Royal Match Mod Apk reigns supreme as a captivating puzzle adventure, weaving a tapestry of unique match-3 gameplay and a regal journey through King Robert’s castle. With powerful boosters, bonus levels, and diverse obstacles, each swipe becomes a strategic masterpiece, appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers. The expansive exploration of royal chambers and creative decoration options add a personalized touch to the kingdom. Engaging in global events and friendly social competitions on Facebook elevate the excitement, making every achievement in this ad-free, offline experience truly satisfying.

What’s New

  • Prepare for an exhilarating experience with 100 sensational NEW LEVELS! Engage in thrilling challenges that promise excitement and fun.
  • Embark on a captivating journey as you explore our latest addition, the NEW AREA – take flight through the majestic surroundings of the AIRPORT!
  • Stay on the lookout for regular updates; fresh levels will be introduced every two weeks! Don’t miss out on the latest content – remember to update your game for the ultimate gaming experience!

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