PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk 3.2.0 (Menu, Esp, Aimbot, Auto Headshot)

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Dive into intense battles on a remote island with PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk. Scavenge, strategize, and survive to be the last one standing.


Level Infinite




884 MB




5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money and UC
  • Mod Menu
  • Auto Headshot
  • Aimbot
  • ESP
  • No Recoil
  • Anti Ban
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlock All Skins

Enjoy the action-packed world of battle royale gaming with PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk. This legendary mobile game delivers the thrill of combat right to your Android device, placing you in the midst of intense firefights and strategic showdowns. You won’t find a better immersive experience than what PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk offers you with its captivating gameplay and stunning visuals.

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Download PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk

Plunge into heart-pounding combat as you descend onto a remote island alongside 99 rivals. Amidst the chaos, scavenge for crucial resources and armaments while tactically evading danger in the ever-constricting battlefield. Your wit and prowess will be put to the ultimate test as you vie to outlast all others in this exhilarating clash of survival and cunning. PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk beckons you to seize the reins of destiny and indulge in the pinnacle of battle royale excitement.

Unlimited Money

The PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk Unlimited Money feature gives you unlimited access to in-game wealth. With this mod, you can amass riches beyond imagination, empowering you to customize your gameplay experience like never before. Gain access to exclusive items, upgrades, and enhancements that elevate your journey on the battleground. Immerse yourself in the thrill of victory as you dominate the competition with your newfound financial prowess.

Apk Features

Realistic Graphics

Immerse yourself in stunningly realistic graphics that bring the battleground to life. From lush landscapes to detailed weapon designs, every aspect of PUBG MOBILE Apk is crafted to provide a truly immersive gaming experience. Transitioning smoothly from one scene to the next, the visuals transport players into the heart of the action.

Diverse Maps

Explore a variety of expansive maps, each offering unique terrain and challenges. Whether you prefer the urban streets of Erangel or the desert landscape of Miramar, there’s a map to suit every playstyle. With strategic elements like high vantage points and hidden loot, each map presents new opportunities for tactical gameplay.

Customizable Controls

Tailor your gaming experience with customizable controls that allow you to play your way. From adjusting sensitivity settings to rearranging button layouts, PUBG MOBILE Apk puts you in control of your gameplay experience. Transitioning seamlessly between different control schemes, you can find the perfect setup to suit your preferences.

Team Play

Team up with friends or join forces with other players in squad-based gameplay. Coordinate strategies, share resources, and communicate effectively to outwit your opponents. Whether you’re playing with a close-knit group or teaming up with strangers, teamwork is essential for success in PUBG MOBILE Apk.

Realistic Weapons and Vehicles

Arm yourself with a vast arsenal of realistic weapons and vehicles, each offering unique advantages and challenges. From assault rifles to sniper rifles, choose the perfect weapon for every situation. Transitioning seamlessly between ground combat and vehicular warfare, PUBG MOBILE Apk keeps the action fast-paced and exhilarating.

Fair Play Policy

Enjoy a level playing field with PUBG MOBILE Apk’s commitment to fair play. With strict anti-cheat measures and a zero-tolerance policy for cheating, the game ensures that every player has an equal chance to succeed. Transitioning seamlessly between different matches, players can compete with confidence knowing that their skills determine their fate.


PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk offers an unparalleled gaming experience that combines intense action with strategic gameplay. With stunning graphics, diverse maps, and customizable controls, it sets the standard for mobile battle royale games. Download PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk today and join the millions of players worldwide in the ultimate fight for survival.

What’s New

  • Skyhigh Spectacle: Descend onto Nimbus Island, summon the genie, and hunt for treasure in the 6th anniversary mode!
  • Home Feature: Build dream houses, visit friends, and enjoy multiplayer in Home!
  • WOW Gameplay: Explore Enchantopia with thrilling mini-games!
  • Miramar Mega Update: Discover new urban zones, ziplines, and exciting additions for intense matches!

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