Mob Control Mod Apk 2.72.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Command your mob, rise through ranks, fortify bases, and unlock powerful cards in Mob Control Mod Apk. Immerse in diverse game modes and enjoy a premium, ad-free tower defense experience!






155 MB




5.1 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money and Cards
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Mod Menu
  • Free Purchase

Step into the thrilling realm of tower defense supremacy with Mob Control Mod Apk. This mobile game promises an unparalleled strategy and action-packed experience that will test your skills, wit, and tactical prowess. In Mob Control, odd satisfaction meets engaging gameplay as you defend, conquer, and rise to victory in an epic clash of towers.

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Download Mob Control Mod Apk

With a satisfying twist, witness the excitement as your team grows strategically, deploying champions to overcome enemy mobs. Discover engaging level elements such as speed boosts, multipliers, and moving gates, adding complexity to your gameplay. Experience the thrill of guiding your mob through challenges and unlocking new strategies. Navigate through various obstacles, testing your skills in this dynamic gaming environment. Enjoy the simple yet strategic joy of watching your mob multiply and triumph over diverse challenges.

Unlimited Money

Unlock unprecedented possibilities with Mob Control Mod Apk, where the exhilarating gameplay meets unlimited money. This mod feature catapults your gaming experience, providing endless resources to fortify your base, strategically deploy champions, and dominate opponents. Immerse yourself in a world of tower defense where every move counts, and the pursuit of victory is fueled by the boundless financial prowess granted by Mob Control Mod Apk’s unlimited money feature.

Apk Features

Oddly Satisfying Gameplay

Experience the oddly satisfying thrill as your mob multiplies exponentially before your eyes. The gameplay in Mob Control offers a unique blend of strategic depth and challenge, requiring players to make every move count by strategically deploying champions. Watch your army grow to massive proportions in this engaging and satisfying tower defense experience.

Become an Immortal Player

Climb the ranks and earn Championship Stars to join the elite few in the Champions League. Mob Control empowers players to fortify their bases, protect valuable resources, and showcase their tower defense prowess to the global gaming community. The journey to becoming an immortal player is marked by strategic decision-making and a relentless pursuit of victory.

Fortify Your Base

Secure your base against enemy raids, a crucial element in maintaining tower defense dominance. Through victories in battles and the accumulation of valuable shields, players fortify their bases to safeguard hard-earned resources. Fortification becomes a key strategic aspect, ensuring a solid defense against potential adversaries.

Unlock and Upgrade Cards

Win battles to unlock booster packs and collectible cards, unlocking a world of possibilities for tower defense strategy. The armory holds cannons, mobs, and champions, each with amazing evolutions that players can discover as they level up. The continuous evolution of cards adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, keeping the experience fresh and exciting.

Diverse Game Modes

Mob Control offers a variety of thrilling game modes, including Base Invasion, Revenge and Counter-Attack, and Boss Levels. Each mode presents a unique challenge, ensuring that the action remains fresh and exciting. Players can engage in different scenarios, testing their tower defense skills in various strategic situations.

Season Pass for Fresh Content

Dive into a world of ever-evolving content with Mob Control’s monthly Season Pass. Completing quests and advancing through tiers unlock new heroes, cannons, and skins, providing players with a constant stream of fresh and enriching gaming experiences. The Season Pass adds a layer of excitement, encouraging players to explore new content regularly.

A Premium Experience

For those seeking an uninterrupted tower defense adventure, Mob Control offers a Premium Pass and a permanent no-ads package. Choosing to play ad-free enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to speed up progress and enjoy the action without interruptions. The inclusion of Skip’Its ensures a premium and seamless tower defense journey.


Join the tower defense clash like never before with Mob Control Mod Apk. Rally your army, harness the power of collectible cards, and become the tower defense champion you were born to be. Download now and embark on your journey to tower defense glory. Mob Control offers a premium gaming experience with unique features, constantly evolving content, and the chance to rise through the ranks in the Champions League.

What’s New

  • Transformers Episode 2 debuts in Mob World!
  • Introducing a thrilling new champion for the season.
  • Enhancements to Base Builder job user experience.
  • Improved user experience for battle difficulty levels.
  • Streamlined user experience for managing multiple shields during attacks.
  • Resolved issues with spawnable chests and ranged tower champions.
  • Various fixes and optimizations implemented.

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