Lords Mobile Mod Apk 2.130 (Mod Menu, VIP 15, Unlimited Troops)


Conquer realms in Lords Mobile Mod: unite heroes, unleash power & strategy. Engage in epic battles, build kingdoms & forge alliances. Download now!






320 MB




5.1 and up


Mod Menu

  • Unlimited Money And Gems
  • Unlimited Troops
  • VIP 15
  • Free Shopping
  • Mod Menu
  • Private Server

In a realm where the true Emperor has fallen, and Kingdoms are in turmoil, emerges an epic strategy game that promises to redefine mobile gaming. Lords Mobile Mod Apk, a captivating creation in the strategy genre, transports players to a magical world where they must unite disparate heroes and races to establish their empire. With a seamless blend of captivating gameplay and engrossing features, this game is poised to captivate the hearts of avid gamers.

lords mobile mod apk download

Download Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Embark on a journey like never before in Lords Mobile Mod Apk, where you must recruit heroes from various backgrounds, including dwarves, mermaids, dark elves, and even steampunk robots. Engage in battles, establish alliances, and showcase your strategic prowess. The gameplay is reminiscent of popular titles like Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdoms, offering a unique blend of city-building, real-time strategy, and role-playing elements. To dive into the action, download Lords Mobile Mod Apk now.

Unlimited Money And Gems

In the dynamic realm of Lords Mobile Mod Apk, the allure of unlimited money and gems ignites the fires of conquest. With resources flowing abundantly and gems gleaming like treasures, strategic possibilities expand boundlessly. Forge alliances, fortify kingdoms, and summon legendary heroes with the unending wealth at your fingertips. Engage in battles with unmatched power and embark on a journey to dominion, fueled by the riches that shape destinies.

Unlimited Troops

In the realm of Lords Mobile Mod Apk, the advantage of unlimited troops bestows an unassailable edge upon your empire. With an endless stream of forces at your command, you orchestrate battles with unparalleled might, dictating the course of conquest. Forge an indomitable alliance, marshal your forces, and embark on a campaign of supremacy. As armies surge forth ceaselessly, your path to dominion remains unwavering and resolute.

VIP 15

Elevating your reign in Lords Mobile Mod Apk to VIP 15 status amplifies your ascendancy to unprecedented heights. With VIP privileges in full sway, you navigate the realm of power with finesse and authority. Unlocking a realm of exclusive benefits and advantages, your journey to domination is adorned with opulence and distinction. As a VIP 15 sovereign, you stand at the zenith of this magical world, orchestrating triumphs with unrivaled prestige.

Free Shopping

Unleash the allure of free shopping in Lords Mobile Mod Apk, where every acquisition becomes a strategic leap towards supremacy. With the shackles of cost lifted, you navigate the realm of possibilities with unparalleled freedom. Embark on a journey of empowerment, adorning your kingdom with resources and essentials that pave the way to triumph. As the gates of the marketplace swing open, your path to domination is marked by strategic abundance and unbounded potential.

Lords Mobile Mod Menu

Dive into the realm of limitless choices with the Lords Mobile Mod Menu, where every option reshapes your path to conquest. This interactive gateway unlocks a myriad of strategic avenues, placing the power to shape your kingdom’s destiny in your hands. Navigate seamlessly through features, tailor your tactics, and lead your empire with precision. As the mod menu unfolds its dynamic interface, you embark on a journey defined by strategic mastery and boundless potential.

Private Server

Step into a realm of exclusive sovereignty through the Lords Mobile Private Server, where your dominion thrives beyond conventional boundaries. This secluded haven grants you unprecedented control over your empire’s narrative, offering a canvas to paint strategic brilliance. With a dynamic environment tailored to your command, forge alliances, conquer challenges, and shape history itself. As the gates of the private server swing open, your journey unfolds in a realm of limitless potential and unparalleled rule.

Apk Features

Delve into the myriad of distinctive Apk features that await your exploration and mastery.

Collect Artifacts and Unleash Power

The Artifact Hall introduces a captivating twist, allowing players to discover and upgrade ancient artifacts. These relics bestow incredible power upon players’ armies, a feature akin to the enchanting equipment in Clash Royale and Art of Conquest.

Conquer Through Formations

Unleash the full potential of your troops by mastering formations. With four different troop types and six formations to choose from, strategic planning becomes paramount. Similar to Total War Battles: Kingdom, optimizing formations and exploiting counters will tip the scales of victory in your favor.

Command a Team of Mighty Heroes

Heroes are the heartbeat of your army. Assemble a team of five powerful heroes to lead your kingdom to glory. This RPG-style campaign aspect echoes titles like Fire Emblem Heroes and Age of Magic, adding depth to the gameplay.

Forge Alliances for Supremacy

The game’s social element takes center stage as players join guilds and alliances. Engage in epic battles like Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom clashes, and more, reminiscent of the alliance dynamics in King of Avalon and Clash of Kings.

Tower Defense with a Twist – The Vergeway

The Vergeway introduces a unique tower defense experience. Collect and upgrade cards to tackle different stages, challenging your strategic acumen. This twist on tower defense mirrors elements seen in Plants vs. Zombies and Kingdom Rush.

Build, Prosper, and Rule

The kingdom-building aspect stands out, as players upgrade structures, research technologies, and train troops. This feature draws parallels to the city-building mechanics of Forge of Empires and Anno 1800, keeping players engrossed in their thriving empire.

Dazzling Animated Battles

Visual delight awaits as armies clash in stunning 3D graphics. Watch heroes unleash their skills and mystic powers in captivating animated battles, much like the spectacle in Epic War and War and Magic.


Lords Mobile Mod Apk stands tall as an extraordinary strategy game that amalgamates various elements to create an immersive gaming experience. With unique features reminiscent of several beloved titles, it’s a game that has captured the essence of strategy, role-playing, and tower defense genres. Dive into this captivating realm of alliances, battles, and conquests, and download Lords Mobile Mod Apk today to embark on a journey of strategic brilliance like no other.

What’s New

Pagani Collab Event (Starting Feb 1): Embark on a Pagani collaboration journey.

New Quests in Battles:

  • Experience [Royal Journey] in Battle Royal.
  • Engage in [Feudal Journey] during the Feudal Battle.
  • Conquer [Chalice Journey] challenges in the Chalice Battle.

Guild Expedition Trial Enhancements:

  • Boosted resource gathering by 100% across all Guild Battleground tiles.
  • Enhanced Journey and Ranking Rewards.
  • Introduced Lv 2 & 3 Darknests and Lv 2 Monsters.
  • Access detailed [Guild Expedition Battle Stats].
  • Unlock the healing cost-reducing [Expedition Ward] by 50% in the Guild Battleground.

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