Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk 1.42.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Immerse in fruity bliss with Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk! Match, design, and explore diverse areas. Enjoy unique puzzles, amazing rewards, and a cute pet companion. Play offline, anytime, anywhere


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142 MB




4.4 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money and Stars
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked All

A vibrant world of fruity delights and creative design awaits you in the enchanting Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk. This match-3 puzzle game goes beyond the ordinary, weaving together the thrill of solving puzzles, the joy of renovating, and the sweetness of fruit-matching challenges. Immerse yourself in a world where luscious fruits and captivating design converge, offering not just entertainment but a canvas for your imaginative journey. Get ready for an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional mobile gaming, promising endless hours of creative joy and delightful entertainment.

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Download Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk

Become engrossed in a world of match-3 puzzles where blasting fruits only is part of the fun. Download Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk now! Renovate and decorate a sprawling manor, unveiling hidden areas and unlocking rewards with every completed room. This offline game ensures an addictive and enjoyable experience without the need for constant internet connectivity.

Unlimited Money

Unlock a world of unlimited possibilities with Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk, featuring unlimited money. Enhance your gaming experience as you embark on a design journey, swapping fruits and solving puzzles. Enjoy the added advantage of unlimited resources, allowing you to decorate and renovate your virtual haven without constraints. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and satisfying gameplay experience with the mod’s financial freedom.

Apk Features

Home Design Game

Transform your virtual haven by swapping and matching juicy fruits. Fruit Diary 2 Apk takes the classic match-3 genre to new heights by seamlessly integrating home design elements. Immerse yourself in a refreshing gaming experience where every move not only solves puzzles but also brings life to your virtual abode.

Solve Match 3 Puzzles

Challenge your wits with the game’s extensive collection of unique and challenging match-3 puzzles. Delight in the excitement of creating explosive combos by aligning three or more fruits. As you conquer levels, the gameplay remains consistently fresh and exhilarating, promising an ever-entertaining experience.

Amazing Rewards

Beyond mere aesthetics, each room’s design completion in Fruit Diary 2 Apk unlocks a cascade of delightful rewards. From coins that boost your in-game wealth to strategic power-ups, the game ensures that your efforts are met with sweet treats, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to your gaming journey.

Regular Events

Engage in special events that punctuate your Fruit Diary 2 Apk adventure, offering abundant coins and exclusive treasures. These events inject dynamism into the gaming landscape, guaranteeing that players always have new and exciting challenges to undertake and treasures to uncover.

Explore Different Areas

Venture beyond the confines of traditional room design as Fruit Diary 2 Apk invites you to explore diverse areas within the manor. Dive into refreshing swimming pools, wander through enchanting gardens, and unveil mysterious spaces. This feature adds a layer of depth and variety to your gameplay, keeping your exploration captivating and unpredictable.

A Cute Pet Companion

Embark on your journey with an adorable and loyal fluffy dog by your side. This charming companion accompanies you throughout the game, providing not only a delightful visual element but also infusing a sense of endearment into every facet of your virtual adventure.

Offline Gameplay

Enjoy uninterrupted gaming pleasure with Fruit Diary 2 Apk’s offline gameplay feature. Whether you’re on a commute or in a remote location, relish the freedom to play anytime, anywhere, without the constraints of a constant internet connection. It’s the perfect blend of flexibility and enjoyment for players on the go.


Fruit Diary 2 Mod Apk not only delivers a gaming experience but also fosters a sense of imaginative expression. The seamless integration of match-3 puzzles and home design creates a uniquely enjoyable journey, inviting players of all ages to savor the sweet blend of challenge and creativity. Elevate your gaming escapades with this distinctive fusion, where every move is a step toward a personalized, fruity haven that reflects your style and strategic prowess.

What’s New

  • Dive into tranquility with 40 fresh levels!
  • Test your puzzle-solving skills in a relaxing challenge.
  • Experience bug fixes and smoother performance.
  • Embrace regular updates with new levels every 3 weeks.
  • Keep the fun flowing by updating to the latest version.

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