Criminal Case Mod Apk 2.41 (Unlimited Stars And Energy)

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Dive into intriguing cases, solve puzzles, and interrogate suspects in Criminal Case Mod Apk. Join a community of detectives and enjoy regular updates!


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Unlimited Stars And Energy

  • Unlimited Stars And Energy
  • Unlimited Money
  • Mod Menu
  • No Time
  • Everything Limitless
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited All

In a world filled with mobile games, Criminal Case Mod Apk stands out as a captivating and immersive experience that takes players on a thrilling journey through the criminal underworld. This modified version of the popular game promises an exciting twist on the original, offering enhanced features and an unparalleled gaming experience.

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Download Criminal Case Mod Apk

Criminal Case Mod Apk transports players into the heart of a gripping investigation where they must solve complex criminal cases. With gameplay reminiscent of detective series like “CSI” and “Sherlock Holmes,” players collect clues, analyze evidence, and interrogate suspects to uncover the truth. If you’re a fan of mystery-solving games like “Muder In Alps Hidden Mystery” or “Hidden City,” you’ll find Criminal Case Mod Apk to be right up your alley. Download Criminal Case Mod Apk now to start your journey into the criminal world.

Unlimited Stars And Energy

Unlock endless possibilities with the Criminal Case Mod Apk as it offers an abundance of stars and boundless energy. Your investigative journey is no longer hindered by limitations, allowing you to crack cases without interruption. With unlimited stars and energy at your disposal, immerse yourself seamlessly in the immersive crime scenes, challenging puzzles, and dynamic interrogations. Experience the thrill of detective work without constraints, making every step of your adventure captivating and truly engaging.

Unlimited Money

Embark on an enriched detective journey with Criminal Case Mod Apk, where unlimited money transforms your investigative experience. With an abundance of resources at your disposal, unlock new avenues of exploration, enhance your tools, and delve deeper into complex cases. Say goodbye to financial constraints as you uncover hidden clues, solve intricate puzzles, and interrogate suspects seamlessly. Unleash your full potential as a detective, and immerse yourself in a world where unlimited money paves the way for unparalleled intrigue.

Criminal Case Mod Menu

Experience the ultimate detective adventure with the Criminal Case Mod Menu. This feature-rich mod elevates your gaming journey, offering a customizable and dynamic gaming experience. Explore a vast array of options, from unlocking unlimited resources to fine-tuning your gameplay settings. Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and challenge where every choice is yours, making Criminal Case Mod Menu a thrilling and unique addition to the game.

No Time

Step into the world of Criminal Case Mod Apk with no time constraints, revolutionizing the way you solve cases. Bid farewell to time pressure as you meticulously dissect crime scenes, decode puzzles, and engage in immersive interrogations. This mod feature grants you the freedom to delve deep into investigations without the ticking clock, ensuring a thorough exploration of every clue and avenue. Immerse yourself fully in the detective experience, where time is no longer a factor, making your journey all the more compelling.

Everything Limitless

Unleash the full potential of your detective skills with Criminal Case Mod Apk, where everything limitless. Enjoy a gaming experience where resources, tools, and possibilities are boundless. Dive into crime scenes, solve intricate puzzles, and interrogate suspects with unmatched freedom and excitement. With unlimited everything at your disposal, your journey as a detective becomes an exhilarating adventure, free from constraints.

All Levels Unlocked

Embark on an uninterrupted detective odyssey with Criminal Case Mod Apk where all levels unlocked, ready for exploration. No longer hindered by level restrictions, you can delve into the most challenging cases from the get-go. This feature unlocks a seamless progression, allowing you to sharpen your investigative skills, solve complex mysteries, and become the ultimate detective. Dive deep into the intriguing world of crime-solving with every level at your fingertips, making the game an exhilarating and immersive experience.

Unlimited All

Experience the ultimate freedom in Criminal Case Mod Apk with unlimited all aspects of the game. Enjoy boundless resources, levels, energy, stars, and more. This all-encompassing mod feature ensures an unmatched gaming experience where nothing holds you back. Dive into the world of crime-solving with unrestricted access to every element, making your detective journey truly limitless and endlessly thrilling.

Apk Features

Delve into the Apk’s array of exceptional features, opening the door to a world of unique and immersive possibilities.

Intriguing Storylines

Criminal Case Apk presents a captivating array of cases, each boasting its own compelling narrative. Whether you’re unraveling the mysteries of a quaint town or delving into the hidden secrets of a bustling metropolis, the game’s diverse stories keep you immersed and craving more.

Realistic Crime Scenes

Immerse yourself in the world of forensic investigation with meticulously crafted crime scenes. Every detail is accounted for, making you feel like a bona fide detective. This level of realism adds depth and authenticity to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Challenging Puzzles

Prepare to engage your mental faculties as you tackle a variety of challenging puzzles and riddles. From deciphering cryptic codes to piecing together shredded documents, these brain-teasers provide a satisfying mental workout that keeps you on your toes.

Interrogation Gameplay

Tap into your inner detective as you interrogate suspects. The game’s dynamic dialogue system allows you to shape the direction of the story through your choices. Your decisions influence the course of the investigation, adding an element of strategy and intrigue.

Team Play

Collaboration is key in Criminal Case Apk. Join forces with friends or fellow players to crack cases more efficiently. This cooperative element fosters a sense of community and friendly competition, making the game even more enjoyable.

Customization Options

Personalize your detective avatar and workspace to create a unique gaming experience. Whether it’s choosing your detective’s appearance or customizing your investigation headquarters, these options add a layer of personalization, allowing you to make the game truly your own.


Criminal Case Mod Apk is a top-tier mobile game that combines engaging storytelling, challenging puzzles, and immersive crime-solving gameplay. If you’re a fan of mystery and detective games, this one should be on your must-play list. Download Criminal Case Mod Apk today to embark on an exciting adventure through the criminal underworld, and experience a game that truly stands out in the mobile gaming landscape. Explore the captivating narratives, test your detective skills, and enjoy countless hours of entertainment as you unravel the mysteries that await you.

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