Cooking Fever Mod Apk 21.1.0 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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Embark on a culinary adventure with Cooking Fever mod Apk! Enjoy unlimited money, gems, XP, unlocked levels, and restaurants in this mod version.


Nordcurrent Games




165 MB




4.4 & up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Coins/Gems

With its irresistible charm and addictive gameplay, Cooking Fever Apk emerges as a culinary gem in the vast landscape of mobile gaming. This highly sought-after Android game invites players to dive into a thrilling virtual cooking adventure, where they can take charge of their own bustling restaurants, concoct delectable dishes, and cater to the discerning tastes of a demanding clientele. Boasting a plethora of unique features and an immersive experience, Cooking Fever Apk has garnered a devoted following, captivating gamers from all corners of the globe. Prepare to be whisked away into a world of culinary delight that will leave you hungry for more.

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Cooking Fever Apk

Cooking Fever Apk presents an engaging and immersive gameplay experience that will delight cooking enthusiasts. This mobile game offers a wide range of exciting challenges and tasks, allowing players to manage their own virtual restaurants and showcase their culinary skills. Much like other popular cooking games such as Cooking Madness, Cooking Fever Apk provides a unique opportunity to step into the fast-paced world of cooking, where players can whip up delicious dishes, satisfy the demands of discerning customers, and unlock new levels of culinary mastery.

Apk Features

Let’s delve into the world of Cooking Fever Apk and explore its exciting features that make it a must-play game for cooking enthusiasts.

Vast Range of Restaurants

With Cooking Fever Apk, players can explore a wide array of restaurants, each with its unique theme and culinary delights. From fast food joints to seafood restaurants, bakery shops to Chinese cuisine, players can unlock and upgrade multiple restaurants as they progress. This variety adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to showcase their skills across different culinary genres.

Diverse Ingredients and Recipes

The game offers an extensive collection of ingredients and recipes to experiment with. From simple burgers to extravagant desserts, players can create mouth-watering dishes using a combination of ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques. The game introduces new recipes and ingredients as players level up, keeping the gameplay fresh and challenging.

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Upgradable Kitchen Equipment

To ensure smooth and efficient operations, players can upgrade their kitchen equipment, including ovens, coffee makers, grills, and more. These upgrades enhance cooking speed and unlock new abilities, enabling players to serve customers faster and earn higher tips. Managing resources and strategically investing in kitchen upgrades are essential for success in the game.

Time Management Challenges

Cooking Fever Apk tests players’ time management skills by introducing increasingly demanding levels and impatient customers. As the game progresses, players must juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as cooking, serving, and cleaning, while ensuring customer satisfaction. The adrenaline rush of racing against the clock adds a thrilling element to the gameplay.

Worldwide Restaurant Locations

From exotic beaches to bustling city streets, Cooking Fever Apk takes players on a global culinary adventure. The game features restaurants set in various locations worldwide, offering players a taste of different cultures and cuisines. This virtual travel aspect adds a sense of exploration and discovery, making the gameplay more engaging and immersive.

Cooking Fever

Mini-Games and Challenges

Cooking Fever Apk spices up the gameplay with a range of mini-games and challenges. These entertaining diversions, such as pizza slicing or ice cream scooping, provide a break from the cooking frenzy while rewarding players with additional coins and gems. These resources are vital for unlocking new restaurants, upgrading equipment, and progressing through the game.

Social Integration and Competitions

The game allows players to connect with friends and compete with other players globally. By linking the game to social media accounts, players can visit their friends’ restaurants, exchange gifts, and participate in leader board competitions. This social integration adds a competitive edge and encourages players to strive for culinary excellence.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Cooking Fever Mod Apk offers an enhanced gameplay experience with exciting mod features. Enjoy unlimited money and gems, unlimited XP, everything unlocked, and access to all levels and restaurants. This mod version allows players to fully immerse themselves in the culinary world without any limitations, making it an enticing choice for cooking enthusiasts seeking a more dynamic and unrestricted gaming experience.


Cooking Fever Apk offers an exhilarating cooking experience with its vast range of restaurants, diverse recipes, time management challenges, and social interactions. This mobile game brings out the inner chef in players as they tackle culinary obstacles, upgrade their kitchens, and create gastronomic masterpieces. So, grab your apron, sharpen your knives, and embark on a thrilling culinary adventure with Cooking Fever Apk!

What’s New

  • Exciting Garden Feature: Explore the latest addition to Cooking Fever! Play restaurant levels to acquire seeds.
  • Seed Collection: Gather and plant seeds in your Garden to unlock various rewards. The rarity of the seed corresponds to the quality of the reward.
  • Garden Maintenance: Be mindful of weeds and dry soil; they can harm your plants. Upgrade your tools to ensure the safety of your garden.
  • Botanical Journal Challenge: Take on the new Botanical Journal and earn up to 18 Chef’s Mystery Boxes as you complete it.
  • Optimized Gaming Experience: Benefit from various bug fixes and small improvements designed to enhance your overall gaming experience.

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