CookieRun Kingdom Apk 5.5.102 (Full Game)

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Indulge in strategic sweetness with CookieRun Kingdom Apk. Build, battle, and conquer in a whimsical realm of adorable cookie heroes.


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1.1 GB




6.0 and up


Full Game

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • All Characters Unlocked
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Full Game

Step into the enchanting world of CookieRun Kingdom Apk, where the sweetness of a magical kingdom converges with strategic gameplay to create an irresistible mobile gaming experience. Amidst sugary landscapes and endearing cookie characters, this game offers an immersive journey that captivates players right from the outset.

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Download CookieRun Kingdom Apk

A magical kingdom meets strategic planning in an enchanting world. Lead your cookie heroes to victory by building, defending, and expanding your kingdom. Experience the thrill of real-time battles, where every decision counts. Will you be the sugar-coated strategist the kingdom needs? Download CookieRun: Kingdom Apk now and find out!

Apk Features

Cookie Heroes Unleashed

In CookieRun: Kingdom Apk, you’ll encounter a delightful array of cookie characters, each possessing unique abilities and charming personalities. From the courageous GingerBrave to the nimble Strawberry Cookie, assemble your dream team of cookie heroes. Skillfully deploy their special powers in strategic battles to gain the upper hand against your adversaries, adding a layer of tactical depth to the gameplay.

Base Building Bonanza

Immerse yourself in the creative joy of building and customizing your cookie kingdom. Construct and upgrade buildings to unlock new features, gather essential resources, and amplify your cookie heroes’ capabilities. The intricacies of your kingdom’s design directly influence the strength of your defenses, providing a dynamic and engaging element to the game’s city-building aspect.

Real-Time Strategic Battles

Engage in heart-pounding real-time battles that demand quick thinking and strategic prowess. Take command of your cookie heroes, unleashing powerful skills and watching the action unfold as you navigate the challenges of the kingdom. Conquer formidable foes, defend your territory, and emerge victorious in thrilling battles that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Collaborative Guilds

Forge alliances with fellow players in guilds, elevating your gaming experience to new heights. Collaborate on epic challenges, participate in guild events, and strategize with like-minded cookie enthusiasts. The sense of community within the guild adds an extra layer of excitement, fostering teamwork and camaraderie as you strive for collective success.

Captivating Storyline Quests

Embark on an enchanting journey through a captivating storyline that unfolds seamlessly through engaging quests and missions. Traverse different zones of the kingdom, encountering diverse challenges that unlock the mysteries shaping the fate of the cookie realm. Immerse yourself in the narrative, adding a narrative-driven depth to your gaming experience.

Weekly Events and Rewards

Sustain your excitement with the game through weekly events and challenges that promise thrilling rewards. From special cookies with unique abilities to valuable in-game resources, these events inject a dose of fun and motivation, enticing players to return for more sweet adventures week after week.

Stunning Visuals and Soundtrack

Indulge your senses with visually stunning landscapes and adorable character designs that create a feast for the eyes. The vibrant colors and charming graphics contribute to the overall enchanting atmosphere. Complemented by a delightful soundtrack, the game’s audio-visual elements add an extra layer of magic, enhancing the overall immersion in the whimsical world of CookieRun: Kingdom Apk.


CookieRun: Kingdom Apk offers a unique blend of strategy, creativity, and sweetness that captivates gamers of all ages. With its charming cookie characters, engaging storyline, and strategic gameplay, this mobile game has carved its niche in the gaming world. Download CookieRun: Kingdom Apk now and join the sugary adventure that awaits in the heart of the cookie kingdom!

What’s New

  • Introduction of Beast-Yeast Episode 2
  • Addition of a new Player versus Environment (PVE) Mode: Skirmish Raid
  • Unveiling of 2 new Mystic Gold Costumes: White Lily Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Debut of a new Cookie: Mercurial Knight Cookie (EPIC)

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