Antistress Mod Apk 9.9.2 (Unlocked All)

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Discover serenity on your mobile with Antistress Mod Apk a unique game offering soothing activities for instant relaxation. Pop bubbles, mold sand, and unwind effortlessly.






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5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
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In the fast-paced world we live in, finding moments of tranquility can be a challenge. Enter Antistress Mod Apk, a mobile game designed to provide a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This unique app offers a delightful collection of stress-relieving activities, promising a therapeutic experience for users seeking a break from their hectic routines.

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Indulge in a serene journey with the Antistress Apk, beckoning you to unwind through a rich assortment of soothing activities. From the gratifying pop of virtual bubble wrap to the mesmerizing textures of kinetic sand, this game provides a diverse range of interactive experiences crafted to alleviate stress and offer a brief respite from the demands of reality. With the Antistress Mod Apk, tranquility is just a download away, promising a moment of calm in the palm of your hands.

Unlimited Money

Unlock unlimited serenity with the Antistress Mod Apk, where tranquility meets abundance. Dive into a stress-free world enriched with unlimited money, allowing you to explore every soothing feature without constraints. With this mod, enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience as you pop bubbles, shape kinetic sand, and indulge in various stress-relieving activities without worrying about financial limitations.

Apk Features

Bubble Wrap Bonanza

Indulge in the ultimate bubble-popping therapy with Antistress Apk. This feature allows users to simulate the satisfying sensation of popping bubble wrap. The crisp sound effects and the visual satisfaction make this activity a go-to for instant relaxation. Experience the joy of popping bubbles without the waste – a perfect eco-friendly digital alternative.

Kinetic Sand Sensation

Unleash your creativity with the virtual kinetic sand feature. Mold, shape, and smooth the digital sand with your fingertips, providing a tactile and visually pleasing experience. The soothing color palette and realistic movements of the sand make this activity a captivating way to unwind.

Coloring Canvas Retreat

Enter a world of vibrant hues with the coloring canvas feature. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic act of coloring intricate designs, patterns, and mandalas. The app offers a diverse palette and various brush sizes, ensuring a personalized and visually stimulating coloring experience.

Fidget Spinner Focus

For those who find solace in the repetitive motion of a fidget spinner, Antistress Apk introduces a virtual version. Enjoy the calming spins and customize your digital spinner to suit your preferences. This feature provides a mindful and meditative experience in the palm of your hands.

Zen Garden Bliss

Escape to a serene Zen garden within the confines of your mobile device. Rake the sand, arrange stones, and create a peaceful landscape. The Zen garden feature offers a virtual space for mindfulness, promoting relaxation through meditative interactions with the elements.

Relaxing Soundscapes

Immerse yourself in a world of soothing sounds with Antistress Apk. From gentle raindrops to ocean waves, the app provides a selection of calming soundscapes to enhance the overall relaxation experience. Customize your environment with these ambient sounds and create your own oasis of tranquility.

Mindful Breathing Exercises

Elevate your relaxation journey with guided breathing exercises. Antistress Apk incorporates mindful breathing techniques to promote calmness and reduce stress levels. Follow the soothing prompts and sync your breath with the serene visuals, fostering a sense of peace and mindfulness.


In a world where stress is ubiquitous, Antistress Mod Apk emerges as a digital sanctuary for those seeking moments of calmness and relaxation. With its unique features and diverse activities, this mobile game transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, offering a therapeutic escape at your fingertips. Download Antistress Mod Apk now and embark on a journey towards tranquility, one pop and swirl at a time.

What’s New

  • Bug fixes

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