1v1.LOL Mod Apk 4.701 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Experience dynamic battles, customizable characters, and a global gaming community in 1v1.LOL Mod Apk. Immerse yourself in stunning graphics and regular updates for a truly unique mobile gaming adventure






266 MB




5.1 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked All
  • Unlocked All Ammo
  • Al Skins Unlocked

Enjoy the thrill of one-on-one battles with the 1v1.LOL Mod Apk, a mobile game that takes the thrill of one-on-one battles to a whole new level. As the gaming world evolves, so do the experiences it offers, and 1v1.LOL Mod Apk stands at the forefront of innovation. Get ready to immerse yourself in intense combat scenarios that will keep you on the edge of your seat, challenging your skills and strategic thinking at every turn.

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Immerse yourself in a dynamic gaming battleground where precision is paramount. Face off in high-octane one-on-one clashes against global adversaries, showcasing your agility and strategic acumen. Rise to the challenge by constructing structures, amassing resources, and outsmarting opponents in real-time battles. Download the 1v1.LOL Mod Apk now for an elevated mobile gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of action and intensity. Dominate the arena, survive the challenges, and prove your mettle in this adrenaline-fueled gaming arena.

Unlimited Money

Dive into the thrilling world of 1v1.LOL Mod Apk, where unlimited money unlock a realm of possibilities. Customize your gameplay, enhance characters, and build without limits, creating a unique gaming experience. With a constant influx of resources, the competitive edge is yours to command, setting the stage for intense battles and strategic dominance. Elevate your 1v1.LOL journey with this mod, where unlimited money pave the way for unparalleled excitement.

All Skins Unlocked

Step into the arena with the 1v1 LOL Mod Apk, where all skins are unlocked, transforming your gaming experience. Unleash your personal style as you select from a plethora of skins, each enhancing your character’s aesthetics. This mod opens the door to a vibrant world of customization, allowing you to stand out in every intense duel. Embrace the freedom of expression and strategic advantage with 1v1 LOL Mod Apk—all skins unlocked for an unparalleled journey of individuality and combat prowess.

1v1 LOL Mod Menu

In the realm of 1v1 LOL Mod Apk, the introduction of the mod menu revolutionizes your gaming control. Navigate seamlessly through a diverse array of options at your fingertips, empowering you with unparalleled flexibility. With this mod menu, tailor your gameplay experience on the fly, adjusting settings to match your unique style. Elevate your strategic edge and command the arena with the 1v1 LOL Mod Apk mod menu, where customization meets control for an immersive and dynamic gaming adventure.

Apk Features

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

1v1.LOL Champions offers a distinctive gameplay experience that combines elements of Battle Royale, shooting, and multiplayer games. Unlike traditional Battle Royale games where you face off against multiple opponents in a shrinking play zone, 1v1.LOL focuses on intense 1v1 battles. This setup challenges players to showcase their individual skills in shooting, building, and strategic thinking. Each match is a test of precision and quick decision-making, making every encounter a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience.

Competitive Skill Emphasis

The game places a strong emphasis on competitive skills, inviting players to unleash their prowess in a controlled yet fiercely competitive environment. Whether you excel at sharpshooting, quick building, or outmaneuvering opponents, 1v1.LOL Champions provides a platform to hone and showcase these abilities. Players can engage in head-to-head clashes that require both tactical planning and swift execution to secure victory.

Dynamic Content Updates

One of the standout features of 1v1.LOL Champions is its daily changing content. This ensures that players always have something new to explore and master, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging over time. From new challenges and game modes to updated maps and weapons, the dynamic content updates contribute to the game’s replayability and longevity, offering something exciting for both new and seasoned players alike.

Champion Building and Progression

In 1v1.LOL Champions, players have the opportunity to build their path to victory. This involves not only mastering the mechanics of shooting and building but also strategically progressing through the game’s challenges and competitions. As players accumulate wins and achievements, they can unlock rewards, customize their champions, and enhance their gameplay experience. The progression system adds depth and motivation, encouraging players to strive towards becoming the ultimate champion.

Community and Social Play

Beyond individual skills, 1v1.LOL Champions fosters a vibrant community where players can connect, compete, and collaborate. Whether teaming up with friends for cooperative matches or facing off against rivals in competitive showdowns, the game promotes social play. Community events, tournaments, and leaderboards further enhance the social aspect, allowing players to measure their skills against others and celebrate collective achievements.

Adrenaline-Fueled Action

At its core, 1v1.LOL Champions delivers adrenaline-fueled action that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Each match is a pulse-pounding experience where split-second decisions can determine success or defeat. The combination of intense gunfights, strategic building, and dynamic gameplay mechanics ensures that every session offers an exhilarating rush. Whether diving into quick matches or engaging in longer tournaments, players can expect non-stop action and excitement from start to finish.


In a mobile gaming landscape filled with choices, 1v1.LOL Mod Apk emerges as a standout contender, offering a unique blend of intense action, strategic depth, and community engagement. Download 1v1.LOL Mod Apk now to immerse yourself in a gaming experience that goes beyond the ordinary, setting new standards for mobile gaming excellence. As you embark on this thrilling journey, remember: victory awaits those who dare to 1v1.

What’s New

  • Introducing Poseidon, the formidable new champion!
  • Unveiling a stunning new skin for your arsenal!
  • Gear up for the MK7 Assault Rifle with precision firepower.
  • Strike fear with the Fang Scythe Pickaxe!
  • Enjoy smoother gameplay with improved stability and informative tooltips.
  • Dive into rewards with special video offers, diverse daily quests, and a first win bonus!

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