Mivi Mod Apk 2.35.783 (Premium Unlocked, Without Watermark)

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Create personalized music videos effortlessly with Mivi Mod Apk. Add music, effects, and more to transform photos into stunning visual stories, all in one easy-to-use app.


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5.0 and up


Premium Unlocked

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Without Watermark
  • No Ads

A powerful tool to create music and lyrical status videos is the Mivi Mod Apk. It allows users to easily transform photos into captivating videos by adding background music and special effects. With features like spiral and neon photo effects, emoji backgrounds, and angel wings, users can quickly give their videos a fresh and trendy look. This app makes video editing simple and enjoyable, perfect for anyone wanting to create personalized music videos.

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Download Mivi Mod Apk

Using Mivi is straightforward and user-friendly. Start by selecting your favorite photos from your gallery. Then, choose from a variety of background music options and magical effects to enhance your video. You can customize the look with trendy effects like spirals, neon lights, and emojis. Finally, preview your creation and save or share it directly from the app, making the process of creating stunning videos quick and easy.

Premium Unlocked

A premium unlocked experience is provided by Mivi Mod Apk, giving users access to all features and options. Users can enjoy ad-free editing, additional effects like spirals and neon lights, and the ability to create videos without watermarks. A passion for video editing will appreciate this version as it gives unlimited access to tools that enhance video quality and customization.

Without Watermark

As a watermark-free app, Mivi Mod Apk allows users to create videos without logos or marks. This feature is especially beneficial for those who want a clean and professional look to their videos, without distractions. By using the mod version, users can freely share their creations on social media or with friends without any branding from the app. This makes Mivi Mod Apk a preferred choice for individuals looking to maintain a polished and personalized presentation in their videos.

Apk Features

Unique Templates for Creative Edits

Mivi Apk offers a diverse collection of over 100 unique templates designed to elevate your photo and video edits. From dynamic Film 3D effects to immersive Parallax and mesmerizing Magic FX, each template transforms your content with just a click. Regular updates ensure you stay current with the latest fashion trends in visual editing.

  • Wide variety of templates: Film 3D, Parallax, Magic FX
  • Regular updates to reflect current fashion trends
mivi mod apk premium unlocked

High-Quality Filters for Perfect Shots

Enhance your photos with Mivi Apk’s high-quality filters tailored for every occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a vibrant look or a subtle tone, these filters provide professional-grade adjustments. Cartoon filters are also available, adding a playful touch by transforming your photos into charming cartoons.

  • High-quality filters suitable for any style
  • Special cartoon filters for playful edits

Dynamic Text Styles and Customization

Explore over 100 animated text styles within Mivi Apk, offering extensive customization options. Adjust fonts, colors, sizes, alignments, and more to personalize your captions and overlays. This feature ensures your text complements your visuals seamlessly, whether for social media posts or personal projects.

  • 100+ animated text styles for versatile use
  • Extensive customization options for fonts, colors, and alignments
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Innovative Photo Effects

Mivi includes advanced tools for effortlessly applying stunning photo effects. Auto-apply features ensure that effects like Insta-popular neon, spiral, and emoji overlays are applied with precision. Additional Magic Effects such as Lightning and Flying Butterfly add a whimsical touch to your creations.

  • Auto-application of popular photo effects like neon and spiral
  • Magic Effects for creative enhancements like Lightning and Flying Butterfly

Background Editing Made Simple

Easily change the background of any photo with Mivi Apk’s intuitive tools. Whether you want to replace or blur the background, these features require just a few taps to achieve professional-looking results. The blur tool further enhances your videos by seamlessly blurring out distracting backgrounds.

  • Quick background change and blur tools for professional edits
  • Intuitive controls for effortless background adjustments
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Music Video Creation with Photos

Transform your photos into captivating music videos effortlessly with Mivi Apk’s innovative features. Utilize one-click transformations that sync your visuals with music, creating dynamic and engaging content for sharing across social media platforms.

  • Create music videos from photos with one-click transformations
  • Sync visuals with music for dynamic content creation

Community and Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of creators within Mivi Apk, where you can share your edits, gain inspiration, and collaborate on projects. Engage with like-minded individuals to explore new editing techniques and discover fresh ideas to elevate your content.

  • Connect with a community of creative individuals
  • Collaborate and share edits for mutual inspiration
mivi mod apk without watermark


A premium version of Mivi Mod Apk unlocks premium features that allow users to record music and lyrical status videos. With no ads and additional effects, users can enjoy a smoother and more versatile video editing process. This version allows for more creativity and personalization, making it perfect for those who want to produce professional-quality videos effortlessly. Overall, Mivi Mod Apk elevates the video-making experience, providing more tools and options for users to explore.

What’s New

  • Bugs Fixed.

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