Lightroom Mod Apk 9.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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Lightroom Mod Apk empowers users with intuitive tools for enhancing photos and videos on the go. From precise edits to creative filters, it’s perfect for achieving professional-quality results directly from your mobile device.






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Photo and video editing is made easy with Lightroom Mod Apk mobile app. It allows users to enhance their images and videos with a wide range of tools, such as color adjustments, lens blur, and precise masking. The app offers easy-to-use presets and intuitive editing features, making it accessible to both beginners and professionals. With Lightroom Mod Apk, you can create stunning visuals, retouch and remove unwanted elements, and tell seamless stories through your photos and videos.

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Lightroom works by providing a suite of intuitive editing tools that allow users to enhance and transform their photos and videos. You can start by importing your media files into the app, where you can then apply various presets for quick adjustments. For more precise edits, tools like color enhancement, lens blur, and masking are available to fine-tune every detail. Additionally, Lightroom’s retouching features enable users to remove unwanted elements and adjust perspectives, ensuring your visuals look professional and polished.

Premium Unlocked

Lightroom Mod Apk Premium Unlocked offers users access to a variety of premium features that are typically locked in the free version. These include advanced tools such as selective editing, which allows precise adjustments to specific areas of a photo or video. Users can also enjoy premium presets and filters, providing more creative options for enhancing their visuals. Additionally, the premium unlocked version may offer ad-free usage, faster rendering speeds, and higher export resolutions, enhancing the overall editing experience without the limitations found in the standard free version of the app.

Apk Features

Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Lightroom Apk provides an extensive array of advanced photo editing tools that cater to both novice and professional photographers. These tools enable users to manipulate various aspects of their photos with precision and creativity:

  • Exposure and Contrast Adjustment: Allows users to control the brightness levels and contrast of their photos, ensuring optimal exposure.
  • Color Correction: Offers tools for adjusting color tones, vibrancy, and saturation to enhance the visual impact of images.
  • Detail Enhancement: Enables sharpening and noise reduction to refine the clarity and quality of details in photos.
  • Lens Correction: Corrects lens distortions and chromatic aberrations to ensure accurate and natural-looking images.

Creative Presets and Filters

There is a diverse collection of creative presets and filters included in Lightroom Apk that allow quick and artistic transformations of photos:

  • Artistic Effects: Includes presets for applying vintage, cinematic, black-and-white, and other creative effects to achieve unique looks.
  • One-Click Editing: Allows users to apply presets with a single tap, speeding up the editing process and maintaining consistency across multiple photos.
  • Customization Options: Provides flexibility to adjust preset intensity and parameters to suit individual preferences and creative visions.
  • Presets Sync: Syncs presets across devices via Adobe Creative Cloud, ensuring access to personalized editing styles wherever you work.

Seamless Integration with Adobe Ecosystem

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem, Lightroom Apk seamlessly integrates with Adobe’s other products, improving workflow efficiency and functionality:

  • Cloud Storage: Automatically syncs photos and edits across devices, enabling seamless access and editing from smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Collaborative Tools: Facilitates collaborative editing and sharing of albums, presets, and edited photos with team members or clients.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensures compatibility with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Lightroom Classic for a streamlined editing workflow.
  • Automatic Updates: Receives automatic updates and new features through Adobe Creative Cloud, ensuring access to the latest tools and improvements.

Precise Editing Tools for Mobile

It provides powerful and precise editing tools optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to make detailed adjustments on the go:

  • Selective Editing: Enables selective adjustments using brushes and gradients to target specific areas of the photo for enhancements.
  • Healing Brush: Removes unwanted objects, blemishes, or distractions from photos seamlessly with content-aware technology.
  • Geometry and Perspective Adjustments: Corrects perspective distortion and aligns images with geometric precision for improved composition.
  • Raw Editing Support: Supports editing of RAW files directly on mobile devices, maintaining maximum image quality and flexibility.

Lens Blur and Perspective Correction

This app includes specialized tools for enhancing depth and spatial accuracy in photos:

  • Lens Blur Effect: Simulates shallow depth of field to emphasize subjects by creating a soft, blurred background.
  • Perspective Correction: Corrects perspective distortion caused by camera angles or lens characteristics, ensuring straight lines and natural proportions.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Perspective Adjustment: Offers control over vertical and horizontal perspectives to correct converging lines or tilted horizons.
  • Automatic Upright: Automatically corrects perspective and straightens images based on embedded metadata or user-defined guides.

Video Editing Capabilities

Lightroom extends its editing capabilities to include basic video editing functionalities, enhancing multimedia content creation:

  • Video Trimming: Allows users to trim video clips to desired lengths for concise storytelling or social media sharing.
  • Color Grading: Applies presets and adjusts color tones, exposure, and contrast to maintain a consistent visual style across both photos and videos.
  • Clip Sequencing: Arranges and organizes video clips within timelines for smooth transitions and narrative flow.
  • Direct Sharing: Enables direct sharing of edited videos to social media platforms or cloud storage for seamless distribution and publishing.

Remove Objects and Enhance Colors

A user can refine their photos with Lightroom Apk by removing unwanted elements and enhancing color vibrancy:

  • Content-Aware Fill: Utilizes advanced algorithms to intelligently fill in areas where objects have been removed, ensuring seamless and natural-looking edits.
  • Color Enhancement Tools: Provides controls for adjusting white balance, vibrancy, and hue to achieve vibrant and accurate color reproduction.
  • Selective Color Adjustment: Allows for precise adjustments of individual colors or color ranges within the photo to achieve desired tonal balance.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduces digital noise in photos, particularly in low-light conditions, to improve overall image clarity and quality.


Lightroom Mod Apk offers a comprehensive and enhanced editing experience for users looking to elevate their creative projects. With access to premium unlocked features, including advanced editing tools, exclusive presets, and an ad-free environment, it provides versatility and efficiency in editing photos and videos directly on mobile devices. This makes Lightroom Mod Apk a standout choice for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers seeking to achieve high-quality results with ease and precision.

What’s New

  • Generative Remove now erases objects seamlessly, even from complex backgrounds.
  • Lens Blur feature enhanced with better subject detection and a slider for precise focus adjustment.
  • Background blur options revamped with 7 intuitive presets for emphasizing your subject.
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements implemented.

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