Egg Inc Mod Apk 1.32 (Unlimited Money)

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Experience the thrill of poultry farming in Egg Inc Mod Apk. Build your empire, compete globally, and unlock achievements in this captivating simulation game!


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7.0 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Golden Eggs
  • Mod Menu
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything

This delightful fusion of simulation and strategy brings entrepreneurship and farming together in Egg Inc Mod Apk. This captivating mobile game promises players an addictive experience as they dive into the intricacies of poultry farming. With its immersive gameplay and addictive mechanics, Egg, Inc. Mod Apk invites players to embark on a thrilling journey of growth and prosperity within the egg industry.

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At the onset of Egg Inc Mod Apk, players find themselves at the helm of a modest chicken farm, ripe with potential. Through careful management of resources and strategic decision-making, they embark on a journey of growth and expansion. As the farm flourishes, so does their empire, with each upgrade and facility enhancement paving the way for increased profits and newfound advancements. With every hatch and upgrade, players witness their egg empire evolve, from humble beginnings to a flourishing enterprise. Experience the satisfaction of building your own empire from scratch by downloading Egg Inc Mod Apk today and immerse yourself in the excitement of poultry farming like never before.

Unlimited Money

Get ready to experience endless possibilities with the Egg Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Money feature. With this mod, players can unlock a treasure trove of resources to fuel their egg empire expansion. From upgrading facilities to hatching chickens, every venture becomes a lucrative opportunity for growth and prosperity. Dive into the world of poultry farming and watch your empire flourish like never before with unlimited funds at your disposal.

Apk Features

Unique Simulation Experience

Egg Inc Apk offers an unparalleled simulation experience, immersing players into the captivating world of poultry farming. With its stunning visuals and user-friendly controls, managing your farm becomes an engaging endeavor. Dive into the complexities of chicken rearing and egg production as you work towards expanding your empire.

Strategic Upgrades and Research

Stay ahead of the curve by investing in strategic upgrades and conducting valuable research. Whether it’s enhancing chicken habitats or unlocking cutting-edge technologies, every decision plays a pivotal role in your farm’s success. With a diverse array of upgrades available, players can tailor their farm to their preferred playstyle, optimizing efficiency and profitability.

Global Competition and Leaderboards

Engage in thrilling competition with players worldwide and climb the ranks on the global leaderboards. Put your skills to the test against the best in the business and strive for the top spot. With exciting events and challenges regularly occurring, there’s always a new opportunity to showcase your prowess in Egg Inc Apk.

Epic Prestige System

Elevate your farming prowess to new heights with Egg Inc Apk’s epic prestige system. By resetting your farm, you can earn prestigious points and unlock valuable bonuses, allowing for accelerated progress and endless replayability. Each prestige offers a fresh start and a chance to reach greater heights within the egg industry.

Unlockable Trophies and Achievements

Celebrate your milestones and accomplishments with a plethora of unlockable trophies and achievements. Whether it’s reaching significant milestones or conquering special challenges, there’s a trophy for every triumph. Collect them all to solidify your status as a legendary egg farmer in Egg Inc Apk.

Community and Social Features

Forge connections with fellow farmers and collaborate to dominate the competitive egg market. Engage in resource trading, share valuable strategies, and participate in cooperative challenges. With a vibrant community of players, Egg Inc Apk fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among farmers worldwide.


The Egg Inc Mod Apk represents the fusion of innovation and entertainment, providing players with an immersive experience into the dynamic world of poultry farming. With its unique simulation experience, strategic depth, and global competitiveness, the game provides endless hours of excitement and challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a casual gamer, Egg Inc Mod Apk offers something for everyone, from its customizable upgrades to its engaging community features. Download now and embark on the ultimate adventure of building and managing your very own egg empire from the ground up.

What’s New

  • Bugs Fixed

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