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APK Installer is an application that includes both APK and OBB files. By simply launching APK Installer and tapping on “Install APK,” games that require OBB files will be fully installed as a complete MOD APK + OBB with just one APK.

An XAPK installer is similar to an APK installer and is used for large games that require an OBB file. It combines the APK and OBB into a single app. To install an XAPK file, a specific app called the XAPK Installer is required.

If the link is broken or not working for any reason, or if you encounter a 404 Page Not Found error, you can message us on our social media accounts or contact us through the Contact Us page with your query. We will check the link and update it accordingly

If you encounter the “App not installed” error on your mobile device, it means that you either have the original version installed from the Google Play Store, or you have downloaded a mod from another website. Delete them and reinstall APKBARK’s mod.

It’s very simple: just download the latest mod from the website, and without deleting the old version, install the new downloaded mod file and enjoy the latest mod without losing any data.

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