Cookie Clicker Mod Apk 1.0.0 (b10088) (Unlimited Money)

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Indulge in a sweet clicking frenzy with Cookie Clicker Mod Apk! Elevate your gameplay with heavenly upgrades, achievements, and a robust cookie economy. Click to ascend to cookie stardom and explore time travel with temporal rifts. Download now for a delightful cookie adventure!






15 MB


1.0.0 (b10088)


7.0 and up


Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Everything

Get ready to explore the wonderful world of Cookie Clicker Mod Apk, a mobile game that takes the simple act of clicking to a whole new level. This addictive game has gained immense popularity, captivating players with its engaging mechanics and sweet surprises.

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Download Cookie Clicker Mod Apk

In Cookie Clicker Mod Apk, players embark on an epic clicking adventure where the goal is to bake as many cookies as possible. The more you click, the more cookies you produce. It’s a simple premise that quickly becomes addictive, challenging players to strategize and optimize their cookie production. Download Cookie Clicker Mod Apk now and start your cookie baking journey today!

Unlimited Money

Dive into an endless cookie-clicking spree with the Cookie Clicker Mod Apk, where unlimited money unlocks a world of possibilities. Amp up your cookie production, strategically utilize heavenly upgrades, and bask in the satisfaction of unlocking achievements galore. The mod’s infusion of unlimited money transforms the game into a strategic economic venture, allowing you to flourish in your cookie empire like never before. Embrace the sweet success as you ascend to cookie stardom with this thrilling and uniquely modded mobile gaming experience.

Apk Features

Cookie Production Bonanza

In the heart of Cookie Clicker Apk lies the irresistible allure of cookie production. Click your way to cookie abundance, unlocking upgrades that propel your production to new heights. The game’s intuitive mechanics ensure an accessible and delightful experience for players of all ages, making it a captivating journey of sweet success.

Heavenly Upgrades Unleashed

Progressing through Cookie Clicker Apk unveils a world of Heavenly Upgrades, from golden cookies to heavenly chips. These enhancements inject depth and excitement into your clicking frenzy. Strategic planning is key to unlocking and maximizing the benefits of these heavenly delights, offering a dynamic layer to your gameplay experience.

Cookie Achievements Galore

Immerse yourself in the rewarding universe of achievements as Cookie Clicker Apk celebrates your dedication. Every achievement collected unlocks special perks and boosts, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to your cookie-clicking conquest. It’s a game that acknowledges and applauds your progress and accomplishments, keeping you motivated to achieve even more.

Cookie Economy Expansion

Beyond the simple joy of clicking, Cookie Clicker Apk introduces a robust cookie economy. Manage your resources wisely, invest in efficient upgrades, and witness your cookie empire flourish. The game transforms the clicking experience into a strategic economic venture, offering a unique and engaging twist to the traditional cookie-clicking genre.

Heavenly Cookies and Beyond

Discover a realm of heavenly cookies, magical cookies, and more, each with unique benefits. Unlocking these special cookies introduces an element of surprise and strategy, keeping players engaged and eager for the next delightful treat. Cookie Clicker Apk’s diverse cookie offerings add a layer of complexity and excitement to the gameplay.

Prestige and Ascend to Cookie Stardom

Accumulate heavenly chips to unlock the prestigious option to ascend to cookie stardom. This dynamic feature adds an exciting layer of progression, encouraging players to keep clicking and reaching for new heights. Cookie Clicker Apk turns each click into a step towards a prestigious and rewarding journey of cookie mastery.

Time Travel with Temporal Rifts

Delve into the mysterious world of temporal rifts, where time travel becomes a fascinating possibility. Cookie Clicker Apk introduces this captivating element, offering players the chance to enhance their cookie production and unlock new dimensions of the game. The inclusion of temporal rifts adds a unique and thrilling dimension to the overall gameplay experience.


Rather than just a game, Cookie Clicker Mod Apk is an unforgettable, immersive adventure that turns the simple act of clicking into a thrilling experience. With its unique features, strategic depth, and delightful surprises, this game has carved a special place in the hearts of mobile gamers. Embark on your cookie-clicking journey today, and let the sweet adventure begin!

What’s New

  • Alpha update introduces fresh content: new buildings, abundant upgrades, and a plethora of achievements.
  • Embrace the changing seasons, adding a dynamic element to your experience.
  • Discover the whimsical world of fortune cookies, unlocking surprises and insights.
  • Unearth hidden synergies that enhance your strategies and gameplay.
  • Empower your progress with save import/export functionality.
  • Dive into secrets sprinkled throughout the update, waiting to be uncovered.
  • Stay tuned for more updates, as this is just a partial glimpse of what’s to come!

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